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Project Amp addresses one of the most challenging issues in health care—preventing alcohol and other drug use among young people. Developed by C4 and Young People in Recovery (YPR) with grant support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the goal of Project Amp is to minimize risk for substance use among adolescents by enhancing protective factors.

Adolescents are screened for substance use in a range of health care and school-based settings through the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) public health framework. Adolescents who screen at low to moderate risk are invited to participate in Project Amp’s brief intervention where they are paired with young adult mentors with lived experiences of substance use recovery to:

    • Explore the adolescent’s strengths, interests, and personal goals.
    • Enhance self-efficacy to achieve goals.
    • Focus on wellness and resiliency.
    • Facilitate connections with age-appropriate community resources and positive social networks.

Research shows that delaying and preventing alcohol and other drug use in adolescence can reduce risk of substance use later in life and prevent physical, educational, and developmental risk factors.

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Meet the Amp Team

Paquette Kristen Paquette, M.P.H.,
Project Director
Laura Winn Laura Winn, M.A., Deputy Director
Rosie Donegan, M.A., Research Assistant
Ferreira Kathleen Ferreira, Ph.D.,
Director of Research and Evaluation

Greene Neil Greene, M.A.,

Wilkey Catriona Wilkey, M.P.H., M.S.W., Deputy Director, Research & Evaluation

Why Project Amp?

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Peer Delivered Prevention

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Bring Project Amp to Your Community

Project Amp: Amplifying Our Futures is a four session brief mentorship intervention designed to support teenagers identified as low to moderate risk for substance use issues. Learn more about how we can help you!Project Amp Flyer 0117.

Amp Mentors Reflect on their Experiences

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