SPARC: Supporting Partnerships for Anti-Racist Communities

Racial and ethnic minorities experience homelessness in greater numbers and for longer durations. Through research and action, SPARC (Supporting Partnerships for Anti-Racist Communities) is a catalyst for national anti-racism systems transformation.

Addressing racism and racial inequity in homelessness means fundamentally changing the conversation we are having in America about the root causes of housing instability, risk for homelessness, and barriers to exiting homelessness for people of color. As we initiate dialogue nationally, it is critical to engage policymakers, service providers, and people with lived experience to understand how racism impacts homelessness.

SPARC is an initiative of the Center for Social Innovation in partnership with The Bassuk Center on Homeless and Vulnerable Children & Youth. With support from the Oak Foundation and others, the SPARC team is launching a multi-city initiative to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, hold public discussions and forums, train providers and activists, and collaborate with leadership in systems of housing, health care, education, and criminal justice.

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Meet the SPARC Team

Olivet Jeff Olivet, M.A.,
Dones Marc Dones, B.A.,
Associate, Equity Initiatives & Diversity
Joseph Lunise Joseph, B.S.,

Livny Ayala Livny, M.Ed.,

McAdoo Lonnie McAdoo, B.F.A.,

Richard Molly Richard, B.A.,

Whelley Collin Whelley, M.A.,
Senior Analyst

Ingrid Trigueros, Research/Executive Assistant

SPARC Live: Where Are We?

  • May 15-19: Kick-off event, data collection, trainings with service providers and agency leadership, and meetings with key stakeholders in Atlanta, GA

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We’ve Got a Problem

History of Housing Segregation

Race & Homelessness

Racial minorities experience homelessness in greater numbers and for longer durations. Check out this infographic to learn more.


Jeff Olivet and Marc Dones tackle the complexities and paradoxes of race as it relates to homelessness.

Marc Dones and Jeff Olivet discuss possible solutions to racism and homelessness.

Amanda Andere from Funders Together to End Homelessness and David Wertheimer of the Gates Foundation join Jeff Olivet and Marc Dones to talk about philanthropy as a driving force for change around racism and homelessness.

Blog Posts

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Watch a t3 webcast on racial inequity and human service systems with Jeff Olivet and Marc Dones.

Youth Homelessness & Racism

White House Briefing on Ending Youth Homelessness
Read Open Our Eyes, Open Our Mouths, a transcript of comments by Jeff Olivet and Marc Dones during a White House Policy Briefing on Ending Youth Homelessness sponsored by The White House, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, and True Colors Fund.