C4 Staff Participate in SAMHSA Recovery Dialogue

August 2016—C4 staff are participating in SAMHSA’s “In this Together: A Dialogue about Recovery Supports for Adults & Families” from August 30-31 in Rockville, MD.

Livia Davis, Vice President, presents “The Role of Family in Adult Recovery” and moderates and facilitates several panels. Justine Hanson, Tarah Johnson, and Sanmarie Gordon are also participating.

The event is sponsored […]

C4 Staff Participate in SAMHSA Homeless Programs Conference

August 2016—C4 staff are participating in SAMHSA’s 2016 Homeless Programs Grantee Conference from August 15-17 in Arlington, VA.

Steven Samra, Associate, presents during panels on “Journeys of Hope: Home, Health, Purpose, and Community” from 8:45-10:15 am and “Successful Strategies for Ending Veteran Homelessness” from 1:30-2:45 pm on Monday, August 15. He also facilitates a roundtable session […]

Racism & Homelessness Presentation at Visioning Day

August 2016—C4 staff are presenting at Visioning Day 2016 on Thursday, August 11 in Worcester, MA.

Marc Dones, Associate of Equity Initiatives & Diversity, and Molly Richards, Analyst, join Lunise Joseph in presenting a breakout session on “Racism and Homelessness” at 1:00 pm. This workshop examines the extent of racial disparities in homelessness and identifies strategies […]

Race and Homelessness

Racial minorities experience homelessness in greater numbers and for longer durations. Even when controlling for poverty, African Americans are dramatically more likely than whites to become homeless.

Why Project Amp? A Mentor Shares Her Experience

This post was written by a Project Amp mentor. Project Amp is a peer-led brief mentorship intervention for adolescent substance use prevention. With funding from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Center for Social Innovation and Young People in Recovery developed and is currently testing Project Amp to establish meaningful roles for young adults in […]