C4 Expert Presents on Racism & Homelessness at Supportive Housing Summit

Jeff Olivet, Senior Advisor, is presenting about “Racism and Homelessness: The SPARC Initiative” at the CSH Supportive Housing Summit from 2-3 pm on June 6 in Los Angeles, CA.

Research has documented dramatic over-representation of people of color in the homeless population. Olivet will present findings from a recent SPARC study that have begun to shed […]

Kristen Paquette, C4’s New CEO

The Center for Social Innovation (C4) announces the appointment of Kristen Paquette as our new CEO.

Ms. Paquette is an accomplished leader with over a decade of experience directing C4 programs, operations, and business development. Prior to serving as CEO, she held key positions at C4, including Chief Program Officer and Chief Operating Officer. As one […]