C4 Experts Present at Texas Annual Conference on Ending Homelessness

Experts from C4 are presenting at the Texas Annual Conference on Ending Homelessness in Austin from September 26-27, 2018 organized by the Texas Homeless Network.

Jeff Olivet, Senior Advisor, is presenting the opening keynote on “Racial Equity and Homelessness” from 1-2:15 pm on September 26. He is also presenting a workshop on “Implementing Racial Equity in […]

C4 CEO Speaks on Addressing Opioid Crisis in Canada

Kristen Paquette, C4’s CEO, is presenting during two events examining the opioid crisis in Canada. She is focusing on learnings from Project Amp which pairs youth with young adults in recovery for brief mentorship to enhance resiliency and prevent alcohol and other drug use.

Her presentations are part of a series on “Addressing the Opioid Crisis: […]