Committed People Making a Difference

“We dare to see the day when homelessness and extreme poverty are banished from our society.”

— Dr. Ellen Bassuk, Founder of the Center for Social Innovation (C4)

Founded in 2006, C4 is a mission-driven, woman-owned small business with a deep commitment to social justice and equality for all. We work on housing and homelessness, and recovery from mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and trauma.

C4 identifies and disseminates best practices, and supports providers, agencies, and systems to implement what works. We draw on strategies from every sector—public, private, non-profit, business, technology, academia—to improve services for vulnerable people.

Our skilled staff has backgrounds in clinical care, public policy, education, research, design, and technology. More than one-third of our staff is in recovery from homelessness, trauma, and mental health and substance use disorders. Many more are family members and allies of people in recovery.

We collaborate with our partners and funders to address society’s most complex problems. We strive to ensure that our work can be readily applied and makes a difference.

Our Leadership

Finance Team

Matthew OliverMatthew Oliver, B.A., Revenue Manager
Sharon Stratis, A.A., Accounts Payable Accountant
Frank VasquezFrank Vasquez, B.S., C.P.A., Accounting Manager

Operations Team

BerkowitzRachel Ehly, M.P.A., Project Manager
Emily Labreche, B.S., Operations Coordinator
Christina MurphyChristina Murphy, M.M., Director of Communications
NoeragerKim Noerager, M.P.A., Lead Project Manager
Jayne SamudaJayne Samuda, Facilities/Purchasing Manager
Derrick Shallcross, B.A., Project Manager

t3 Team

BerkowitzRachel Ehly, M.P.A., t3 Managing Director
KraybillKen Kraybill, M.S.W., t3 Director of Training
“KubyshkoMariya Kubyshko, B.A., Project Coordinator

Editing Team

Justine HansonJustine Hanson, Ph.D., Editor
Megan GrandinMegan Grandin, M.P.H., Editor
Brenda ProffittBrenda Proffitt, M.H.A., Editor

About C4

Our Talented Staff

Our World Class Trainers


Since 2006, C4 staff have trained more than 182,000 service providers and professionals on housing and homelessness, trauma, and behavioral health and recovery.

Our trainers are expert in transferring knowledge and skills that improve the performance of the human services workforce. Learn more about professional development opportunities from t3, our innovative training institute.

What We Do

The Center for Social Innovation (C4) promotes best practices that improve the lives of marginalized and vulnerable people. We focus on complex public health problems such as homelessness, trauma, mental illness, and addiction. Using state-of-the-art research, training, and technology, we help individuals, agencies, and communities deepen the impact of their work. To learn more, click on our brochure below: