Project Amp

Project Amp: Amplifying our Futures is a four-session brief intervention designed to reduce and prevent
substance use for adolescents who are at risk. Project Amp is a novel approach because it is delivered by young adult peers – also known as mentors – with personal experience of substance use and recovery. The Center for Social Innovation (C4) designed the intervention and completed a feasibility study in school and healthcare settings to support and expand Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) efforts. Early feasibility results findings are highly promising.

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Research site implementation: We are seeking school-based sites interested in serving as research sites.

Sites must have access to a large pool of adolescents ages 13-17; openness to integrating young peers in
recovery as members of student support teams; commitment to identifying and securing resources to
support young peer roles; and the ability to support intervention activities on-site. Ideally, sites will already be planning or implementing SBIRT or related substance use prevention and early intervention activities. A stipend is available to support some costs. The Project Amp team will provide training and technical assistance.

Independent intervention implementation: Interested in implementing Project Amp or other young peer-based approaches to SBIRT and prevention and early intervention? Access free implementation and training tools, including the intervention manual and promotional resources and videos at C4 is also available for consultation, training, and technical assistance.

To learn more and participate, contact a member of the Project Amp team.

What We Learned while Piloting Project Amp

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The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation supports the work of Project Amp.

Meet the Amp Team

Paquette Kristen Paquette, M.P.H., Co-Principal Investigator
Laura Winn Laura Winn, M.A., Co-Principal Investigator
Rosie Donegan, M.A., Youth Engagement Lead
Ferreira Kathleen Ferreira, Ph.D.,
Senior Research Advisor
Christina Murphy Oct 2015Christina Murphy, M.M., Communications and Dissemination Lead
Wilkey Catriona Wilkey, M.P.H., M.S.W., Senior Research Methodologist

Why Become a Project Amp Mentor?

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Why Project Amp?

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Project Amp pairs youth with young adults in recovery for brief mentorship that enhances resiliency and prevents alcohol and other drug use.

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Engaging Youth

Communities and organizations are increasingly acknowledging the need to collaborate with youth or young adults to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, authenticity, and reciprocity. Any program can engage young people in respectful, mutually beneficial ways. All programs that already engage with young people or plan to do so should continually assess and improve efforts. Check out these youth engagement resources:

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